Our history

Founded 1961

Since 1961, GHCC has been a vital part of the community. Originally intended as a convenient amenity for neighborhood families, the Club has grown into a local tradition. Today's parents are now bringing their own children to the same pool they grew up with. Over the years, the Club has seen many changes, but we're still your best bet for spending some quality time with your family, friends, and neighbors in a safe and friendly environment.

Fox & Jacobs Homes

Greenwood Hills Community Club was a gift (and selling point) to the new Fox & Jacobs Homes neighborhoods that were sprouting up around Northwest Richardson at the time. Specifically, at the time, Greenwood Hills and Arapaho Heights section 12.


Richardson Echo - April 19, 1961


Grand Opening - July 4th, 1961

The First GHCC Board of Directors - 1962

Richardson Echo - July 12 , 1961

Richardson Echo - April 18, 1962

In the spring of 1962, the first GHCC Board meeting was held on a Sunday at the pool. The current board still meets there at least one Sunday per month year-round while weather permits.

The club has nearly always been managed by a Board of Directors, but there used to be much more involvement. While the current club by-laws call for 13 directors in 1962 there were only 7. However, all streets in the two original developments (Greenwood Hills and Arapaho Heights 12) had elected representatives who also had a responsibility to GHCC.

Ever since this first Board of Directors meeting in 1962, GHCC has been managed and operated by dedicated volunteers in service to its members and the community. You can find GHCC's current Board of Directors on the About Us page.

Greenwood Hills Community Club - Becoming Our Pool

On Friday, November 9th, 1962, the club held its first annual meeting at Greenwood Hills Elementary School where the membership annual reports from club officers and committee chairs were delivered. As is often the case at GHCC annual meetings new board members were elected along with additional street representatives. Most importantly, though, Fox and Jacobs announced its intent to officially hand over the deed to the property on which GHCC still sits to the club.

In February of 1963, representatives of Fox and Jacobs presented the deed and $1000 to the GHCC Board of Directors officially making GHCC Our Pool. Today, GHCC is still directly owned by each and every one of the current year's members.

Richardson Echo - February 13, 1963


GHCC Through the Years

Change is ever constant at GHCC, but for 60 years the club has been here for Richardson and all of Dallas & Collin counties. Through bell-bottoms, depressions, astroturf, fires, loss of trees, and massive maintenance projects, the pool has served six generations of our community.

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