GHCC COVID-19 Health & Safety Policy

In response to the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, Greenwood Hills Community Club has developed the following safety plan.​​

- If you or any of your party is exhibiting any symptoms of any sickness entrance into the GHCC property is strictly forbidden

- All parties 10 years and older are required to mask up at check-in. This is for your safety and that of our lifeguards

- The maximum bather load of the aquatic areas is 50% (105 total)

- Bottles of EPA approved spray sanitizers are available in the restrooms and at the Snack Shack. Spray and let dry

- Our guests are requested to spray down (with spray sanitizer) any furniture that they have used. Spray and let dry

- Hand sanitizer is available in each restroom, at the check-in table, and at the snack shack. Our guests are encouraged to use it

- Members borrowing GHCC grilling utensils are required to wash them and spray with sanitizer after use

- GHCC will offer no food or drink sales

- Practice social distancing while on the deck and in the water

- If appropriate social distancing is not possible, masks must be worn

- Any member or guest who has received a positive COVID-19 test should notify club management immediately using the club website

At GHCC, we expect our members to take appropriate precautions to keep themselves and our community healthy. Consider your family and your neighbors and let’s all stay healthy.