Club Captains

Club Captains are selected by the GHCC Board to assume the responsibility to manage club events.

As a 100% volunteer organization, we must all pitch in and help manage our social club to keep costs down and ensure it's longevity.



- Open and close the facility before and after events.
- Ensure that all members and guests have a signed release on file before entering the facility.
- Ensure all members are wearing their wristbands and provide guests with paper wristbands (as necessary).
- Collect all event fees and pass on to a Board member for deposit.
- Make sure that all events are conducted according to Club Bylaws and Membership Handbook rules and regulations.


Lock Instructions

1) As a member in good standing, contact us to request access to the facility and the dates and times needed.
2) Upon approval, you will receive an email or text invitation from us. (Check you spam folder if you don't see it in your inbox.)
3) Download and install the app on your smartphone:
4) Register with the app using the same email address you used to contact us.
5) You will be able to accept the invitation from us through the app.
6) When you approach the lock (Front Gate, Back Gate, Snack Shack, Pump House) at the club be sure your app is open and your phone has bluetooth enabled.
7) Press the button in the center of the lock. It will light up blue.
8) You should hear a loud click in a few seconds as the lock releases the hasp and the light will turn from blue to green.
9) While the button is lit green, firmly pull down on the lock body to separate the hasp from the lock body (open the lock). You will have 5 seconds to do this before the lock re-engages. If this happens, just press the button and try again.
When you close the facility, press the hasp firmly into the lock body (like you would any lock) and make sure it is secure.
(If you see the button turn yellow, that is a low battery indicator, Please report that too us immediately.)